27/11/2011 16:27 GMT | Updated 27/11/2011 16:30 GMT

Pink Panther Gang Strikes Again? Masked Thieves Using Kalashnikovs Rob Store In Cannes

Four masked men armed with Kalashnikovs murdered a jeweller in an upmarket store in Cannes, leading to fears that the notrious international jewel thieves the 'Pink Panther gang' has struck again.

A police spokesman said the robbers “made everybody lie down and started breaking display cabinets using baseball bats”, the Telegraph reports.

"The manager of the shop was shot dead with a single bullet to the head. The robbers got away with jewellery and cash."

The pink panther gang are eastern european elite international jewel thieves who are suspected of robbing £100m worth from shops.

During a suspected pink panther raid in April a gang brandishing Kalashnikovs and stun grenades robbed £90,000 from a French casino.